Mission & Vision


Fostering the development of a financially-inclusive community, our vision is to create an environment where adults, youth, and families are equipped with the necessary tools and resources to effectively manage their money, cultivate saving habits, access responsible borrowing opportunities, and ultimately elevate their overall livelihoods. We are dedicated to promoting financial empowerment, instilling a sense of economic resilience, and contributing to the sustained well-being of our community members through comprehensive financial education and inclusive financial services.


Embarking on a collective journey, our shared mission is to forge sustainable futures by diligently providing a spectrum of affordable, innovative, and inclusive financial solutions. With a steadfast commitment to economic empowerment, we aspire to not only create but also sustain growth, resilience, and social well-being for our esteemed members and the wider society. By offering accessible financial services, we aim to catalyze positive change and contribute to the lasting prosperity of individuals and the community at large. This vision propels us to be at the forefront of fostering financial inclusion, where affordability, innovation, and inclusivity converge to shape a brighter and more resilient future for all.

Strategic Objective

To provide tailor-made financial services and inculcate a savings culture among our members as well as support members to develop and improve their economic and social status.